Reviews of Yesteryear: Bakuretsu Tenshi

Bakuretsu Tenshi is a good anime. Well that was easy.

The end…

In all seriousness, it is a good anime but it has some problems. The fan service level is insanely high. I’ve already talked about why that’s a pet peeve of mine so it seems silly to go into it again, but I’m going to anyway. The problem with it isn’t so much that it happens, it’s that it happens all the time and there’s almost never a good story or character reason for it. Seriously, why do women fighters tend to wear skimpy impractical outfits in media while men generally wear things that make sense?

The only other major problem with this anime is the pacing. The plot moves along very slowly until the last four episodes. Up until that point most of the episodes contain little pieces of plot but are mostly stand alone episodes that serve mainly to develop the characters. As a result the main story comes at you very slowly and then very quickly and before you can really get a handle on it, it’s over.

Those of you who know me are probably thinking, “but you consider the story the most important part of everything except comedies, why do you consider this good if it has a bad story?” In answer to that, I didn’t say that the story was bad. It’s poorly paced to be sure, but it’s actually a very good and intriguing story. It’s just not a traditional story. It’s more character driven than plot driven. And the characters are very well done and interesting. Even though they’re designed so that it looks like they arbitrarily cut large pieces of fabric from their outfits. Even the plot, horrible pacing aside, is very nicely put together. It isn’t original, but it’s told in an original way.

The visuals are simply excellent, if you can excuse the fan service factor. They really establish the setting perfectly. The action scenes are stellar and they have some nice variety. Some of them involve mecha, others are hand to hand, and others are gun fights. And every single one is unique. Overall, I was very impressed with the series.

Now on to the all important yuri factor. I’m going to give it an 8/10. It’s obvious that Jo an Meg are a couple and they get some really adorable scenes. Jo even says at one point that Meg is the reason that she’s able to fight. Where it loses points is that there really aren’t that many episodes where they actually get to share cute moments. They happen in maybe 1/4 of the episodes. While it is nice to see a canonical yuri couple, I really wish that they had done more with it.

My final rating for Bakuretsu Tenshi is 8/10. It’s a great anime. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try.

My second review. For this one I tried opening with my general impression and then extrapolating. Which isn’t something I really do anymore. I was going to discuss the fact that the main characters are, with one exception, named after the characters in Little Women but I couldn’t think of where to fit that into the review so I left it out. I still really like this anime and Jo and Meg are probably one of  my favourite couples in anime. 

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