Reviews of Yesteryear: Onegai Teacher

Onegai Teacher is a comedy of errors, or as I like to refer to it, a comedy of “if these characters had a single brain cell between them this situation could be resolved quickly and without any of this stupidity.” Of course, most people use comedy of errors because it’s catchier.

Basically there’s a young man named Kei who looks like a teenager because he has plot convenience disease which causes his body to enter into suspended animation who’s going to High School because his three years in suspended animation caused him to miss finishing the first time. Oh yes, the dreaded plot convenience disease. Number one killer of parents off screen. He ends up married to his teacher who’s an alien from another planet because he saw her ship land and they got caught in a situation that looked bad and they couldn’t think of a better story to tell the principle than the old “we’re actually married lie.” It’s jut as idiotic as it sounds if not more-so. I’m pretty sure this was written by someone with a fetish for teacher-student romances who got the idea that it’s entirely the under-aged thing that makes it sleazy all by itself and the unethical abuse of power doesn’t factor in. Therefore making the kid technically an adult even if he’s not mentally or physically developed like one makes it okay. the writer of this is a very repulsive person. 

You’re probably thinking, is it at least funny? No, not really. The entire series has a few semi-amusing moments but it’s mostly non-humour that revolves around the situation being awkward. The art in the series is decent, although they do use the “cut out content for fan-service” strategy. Like Bakuretsu Hunters, Onegai Teacher tries to be mostly comedic with some drama and it doesn’t work. The “serious” moments are under-mined by the sheer idiocy of the whole thing. The voice acting is passable, but nothing special.

The Yuri Factor:

Onegai Teacher is one of those series where all the female characters are one dimensional love interests for the men. In all fairness the men aren’t much more developed and this could just be the result of Shizuru Hayashiya being an incompetent writer. There is no yuri. 1/10

Overall I give this series a 3/10. It’s bad but the art and voice acting are decent. The music is also kind of good but the rest of the series is so atrocious that a 3/10 is generous. I probably did let this one off a little easily, but it’s really not as bad as the things I’ve given 1s and 2s. 

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