Reviews of Yesteryear: Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel seems very cliche on the surface. I know what you’re thinking a story about a cyborg mercenary in a post-apocalyptic future, cliche? Well, yes. Even when the manga came out in 1990 the post-apocalyptic future involving cyborgs was cliche and had many examples including Appleseed and Bubblegum Crisis being two examples. Looking back on this, that sentence is a bit awkward. However, Battle Angel stays original in many ways. It opens with the protagonist, Gally, being found broken in a junkyard by Doctor Ido. He takes her to his laboratory and repairs her. She has no memory, yet another cliche but it works so I won’t say too much about it. She sees him sneak out one night and return bandaged. So she follows him the next night and discovers that he’s a mercenary. She promptly decides to become one herself. That’s only one aspect of the story. There are two major areas in this world. The floating city, Zalem, where the privileged people live and the surface, where the poor live and the only law is bounty hunters. A young man named Hugo is trying to reach Zalem by earning money through various means. At the same time, a mysterious group is stealing spinal cords.

The main problem with the story in Battle Angel is that it’s incomplete. Like many OVAs, Battle Angel only goes through the first part of the manga. As a result they stop at a point that’s fairly complete, but not entirely complete. The characters are well done and complex. The action scenes are good, although they have an unrealistic amount of blood for no good reason. I guess having cybernetic parts makes you produce extra blood or something. The art is dated, but well done. The voice acting is good. Itou Miki does a very nice job as does Inoue Kazuhiko.

There is no yuri in Battle Angel. There aren’t even hints or female characters who interact enough to have potential. Earning it a yuri factor of 1/10.

My final rating for Battle Angel is a 7/10. It’s a good OVA and it certainly does a good job of getting people interested in the Manga. Really the best reason to watch this OVA is to see if you’d be interested in the manga so if you’ve read the manga already you can skip it. If you haven’t read the manga go ahead and give it a try.

Yeah, this was a short one. Mainly because my reviews weren’t as analytical back then so a lot of their length depended more on the length of the OVA, film or series than they do now. 

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