Reviews of Yesteryear: King of Fighters: Another Day

I’ll start by saying that I’m not a hardcore KoF fan. I’ve played some of the games and I liked them fine, but I never got into the franchise as a whole. So if there’s a problem with characters being out of character or anything like that I didn’t notice. 

The story follows a simple formula. One or multiple KoF character(s) encounter more KoF characters, they fight and a reference to a fire is thrown in somewhere. I’m sure this seems like it should be good enough for a very short ONA, but there’s another problem. The fight scenes are boring. They move really stiffly like they’re practicing choreography for a community theatre production. You’d see more action playing KoF or watching a friend play it. Most of the fights don’t even get resolved, instead something interferes to stop the fight and the characters involved go their separate ways. In the end it adds nothing to the KoF story line, making it completely pointless. Mythos would have been a better word, but I suppose story line works. 

The characters involved change with each six minute episode so they get no development. Once again, playing the games would be better since then you would actually learn more about these characters than just some one-dimensional traits. 

The art is pretty good. A lot of effort went into making the characters and backgrounds look good. This leads me to wonder why the fight scenes look so unnatural. Clearly the artists knew what they were doing and I know that Production I.G can draw good action sequences from their work on titles like Blood+, Ghost in the shell, and Le Chevalier D’Eon so what happened here? Did they just get lazy when it came to the fight scenes? Were they trying to show of their animation by having the characters move slowly? Was it for padding purposes? Did they just not care? Your guess is as good as mine. 

The music is decent enough. The voice acting is just poorly delivered. Most of the voice actors sound like they’re bored and it’s very obvious that they’re reading from a script. They really sound much better in the games. To be fair, voice acting in fighting games tends to involve only delivering a few lines so maybe this project was just too big for them. Except that I know that Ikezawa Haruna can do better because I’ve heard her actually do really nice work with Maria Sama ga Miteru. Maybe she was the only decent voice actor and she just lowered herself to the level of everyone else or maybe she just got few enough lines that I didn’t really notice her talent. The rest of the actors in this I didn’t know from anything else. Maybe I’ll check the cast list later to see if that’s changed but, as I recall most of the cast didn’t have any other anime roles. 

There’s no yuri in KoF: Another Day. Since you learn basically nothing about the characters they don’t have time for it. so its yuri factor is 1/10.

My final score for KoF: Another day is 4/10. Normally I’d give it even lower but since it was released on the Internet and as a bonus when buying KoF: Maximum Impact 2, I’m not going to be too critical. It may be below average, but at least it wasn’t something people had to pay extra for. Honestly, I couldn’t even recommend this to KoF fans. If you’re a fan of the games, that’s great, but this anime is just dull and you’d have more fun playing the games than watching this.

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