Reviews of yesteryear: Digimon Adventure Movie

I admit, I haven’t seen much of Digimon so I don’t know how this compares to the rest of the series. I just never cared enough to watch it when I was young and as an adult it never seemed very appealing. All I can do is discuss how it stands by itself. The short answer is, not very well. 

Digimon Adventure doesn’t have a story so much as it has characters wandering aimlessly from one thing to the next. It starts with an egg coming out of a computer and hatching into a little black thing. It rolls around with an annoying toddler and her twit of an older brother before becoming a pink blob with rabbit ears which can suddenly talk for some reason. It then bounces around aimlessly for a while. Then it becomes a little T-rex and, thankfully, loses the ability to talk. It goes on a short rampage before being attacked by a giant parakeet. It becomes a much larger T-rex and the two continue their battle. Yes, I know that the term is “digi-volving” I just don’t care enough to use it. The battle isn’t even interesting. It’s pretty much just the T-rex getting knocked down, staying down for a while and then getting up to finally settle things with a single attack. Why doesn’t this qualify as a story? Because there’s no reason for the shift from bouncing around obnoxiously to going on a rampage. Nor is there an over-arching plot. 

The characters are very one-dimensional. You have two annoying children, the thing that hatches from the computer egg and the parents who are largely absent. Aside from that there are only background characters. The characters have no complexity and none of them are likable. 

The art is much worse in the film than it is in the series. The biggest problem is that the visuals are just really boring.

The voice work is deliberately over-acted and annoying. The music is as bland as the visuals. Then there’s the issue with the toddler blowing a whistle incessantly which becomes really annoying very quickly. My guess is that someone who hated her parents gave it to her and her parents didn’t want to seem mean by taking it away. 

The yuri factor is a 1/10.The only two female characters are a toddler and her mother and they certainly don’t share any les-yay nor should they. 

My final rating for Digimon Adventure is 2/10. There’s really no reason to watch it. I can’t imagine that it adds anything to the Digimon series. What isn’t annoying is just tedious.

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