Reviews of yesteryear: Nichijou

Nichijou is a comedic manga/anime/PSP game written by Keiichi Arawi. It’s had very limited releases outside of Japan with the North American versions even being canceled for reasons I don’t know. The question is, were audiences thankfully spared or are they missing out on something? I’m going to examine the anime to find out.

This is yet another comedy without an over-arching story. The episodes do have a definite order, however. The setting is that a bunch of characters live their ordinary lives. It’s mostly about high school girls but there are some teachers, animals and other assorted characters as well. Now for the all important question: is it funny? The answer is on occasion. A lot of the humour just relies on complete randomness. And it’s not randomness that leads to an amusing moment most of the time. It’s just something completely random happening, like a vending machine not working properly. Sometimes it’s funny but it’s usually just something stupid that leaves you waiting for a nonexistent punch-line. The non-random humour is generally very predictable and a lot of jokes get repeated.

The cast of the characters is really too big. As a result most of them are used for one or two jokes. There are maybe six core characters who get involved with more than that and they’re still pretty bland.

The art is boring. The technique shifts pretty frequently and none of it is particularly good. Noses are largely absent and animals barely resemble what they’re supposed to be in most cases. It’s passable, but it’s not decent.

The voice acting isn’t bad. The cast does a fine job, nothing spectacular but it’s fine. One issue that I do have with the voice acting is that there are several loud tirades that just feel like pointless noise. Because shouting for about five minutes straight is funny? No, it’s just annoying. Speaking of annoying, a lot of the music in this is badly sung and just obnoxious.

The yuri factor is a 2/10. There are a couple moments that border on homoerotic but there aren’t many and they never go anywhere.

My final rating for Nichijou is a 3/10. There are a few funny moments but it’s mostly just loud and boring. If you think that random=funny you’ll probably find it hilarious. Otherwise, I would stay away from it.

3 thoughts on “Reviews of yesteryear: Nichijou

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