Reviews of Yesteryear: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is a harem series written by Mizuki Shotaro. It was originally a light novel series, which is still going, and got an anime adaptation more recently. I have to say that I have a bad feeling about this one just from the harem and ecchi tags so let’s get it over with. While there are good anime out there that use those tags, they are rare. 

Sai Akuto is a transfer student into a prestigious magic academy. He plans to work hard and make the world a better place. When he reports for his physical exam he’s told that his future occupation is a demon lord and everyone wants him dead or to get into his pants because free will doesn’t exist and he can’t just choose a different career or some such nonsense. The plot moves at an absurdly slow pace for most of the series where they introduce minor sub-plots that go absolutely nowhere only to rush through the main story in the last episodes. The plot is cheesy, full of ridiculous cliches and, as if it wasn’t bad enough, it gets a deus ex ending. The humour is another factor that utterly fails. How badly? They make a joke about tentacle rape. That’s all you really need to know, but if you’re curious about the rest of the humour it’s mostly tasteless sex jokes.

The characters are flat, one-dimensional cliches. They’re about as developed as the cast of Kingdom Hearts. That’s how exceedingly bland they are. You can pretty easily predict what each character is going to do shortly after being introduced to them just by being passingly familiar with the tropes they embody. Making their interactions completely uninteresting.

The art could be well done, if not for one major issue. The fan-service. I know, I complain about fan-service frequently in my reviews, but this has such an excessive level of fan-service that it makes everything else I’ve reviewed look tame by comparison. It’s so bad that it borders on soft-core porn. The fight scenes are dull. They’re over far too quickly and, frequently, they’re used as a thin excuse to strip the female characters. This anime wouldn’t be able to understand how to keep things classy with four years of study under Gail Simone.

The voice acting and music are both pretty forgettable. They aren’t bad but they aren’t anything special either. They just get the job done.

The yuri factor is a 2/10. There’s one scene involving Fujiko, unfortunately it’s a rape joke. Most of the time the female characters can’t even pass the Bechdel test, much less develop relationships with each other.

My final rating for Ichiban Ishiro no Daimaou is a 1/10. The series substitutes any kind of depth for ludicrous amounts of fan-service. Add the fact that the humour is repulsive and the characters flat and all you have left is the fan-service and, frankly, if that’s what you’re looking for you’d be better off just watching hentai.

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