Reviews of yesteryear: Quiz Magic Academy

Quiz Magic Academy is a one episode comedic OVA about magic and student life. Frankly, I couldn’t find much information so I don’t know what to expect. I’ll just have to take a look and see.

The story is pretty simple, it would pretty much have to be to fit into a half hour. There’s an academy for the study of magic. The story follows one class that’s found itself at the bottom based on average grades and needs to perform well at a school event to pass the semester. Is it funny? I would have to say “kind of.” Some of the humour does work pretty well, some of it is simply too obvious or flat out stupid. I would have to say that it works a little more often than it doesn’t.

The characters are left pretty flat, but in all fairness they are working under severe time constraints and they don’t really have much chance to do more. That being said, they could have benefited from having fewer characters and, therefore, more time to develop those they did have. Especially since some of the characters do virtually nothing.

The art is good overall. They do have some unnecessary fan-service, but it’s used pretty sparingly. The character designs, magic effects, and backgrounds are all well done.

The voice acting is good. They have some great actors such as Hiyama Nobuyuki, Kuwashima Houko, and Mizuhashi Kaori to name just a few and they all do a good job with their roles. The music is well suited for the OVA and does a good job of helping maintain the tone.

The yuri factor is a 2/10. There’s one scene that reads as a bit homoerotic.

My final rating for Quiz Magic Academy is a 6/10. It does some things pretty well but it doesn’t have anything that it does a great job with. It’s humour is similar to that of 2×2= Shinobuden, but not nearly as well executed. If you’re looking for a quick laugh then you’ll probably get a few from it but if you’re looking for any substance from the story or characters you won’t find it.

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