Reviews of yesteryear: Rec

Rec is a romantic comedy about an aspiring voice actress. The manga was written by Hanamizawa Q-Tarou in 2002 and is still ongoing. In 2006 it got a nine episode anime adaptation. I’ve never read the manga, but how does a long running series translate into nine twelve minute episodes? Let’s take a look at Rec and find out.

The plot is very simple. A guy, Matsumaru, gets stood up for a movie date. As he’s about to throw the tickets away he’s approached by a girl, Aka, who tells him not to waste them. They go to the movies and then drinking together. After they part ways her apartment burns down and she doesn’t have any family or friends whatsoever so she ends up moving in with Matsumaru, how very convenient. Actually, convenient is the wrong word, contrived would be more accurate. The series is about her and Matsumaru living together and trying to keep their connection a secret for no adequately explained reason. It’s every bit as stupid as it sounds. Does the comedy work? No, there are no funny moments in Rec, not one. Just the contrived, poorly handled romance.

The characters don’t help matters. Aka and Matsumaru have no chemistry which makes the romance aspect just seem even more forced. They’re also complete morons, as are all of the minor characters. Which makes them just annoying to watch.

The art is the best part of the series. It’s pretty well done with some good details. There are some moments where the sound is out of sync with the characters’ mouths but that isn’t a major issue.

The voice acting isn’t bad. It’s not anything spectacular or with any stand out performances but it’s decent. The actors probably could’ve done better if they’d had decent dialogue. The music isn’t bad but it’s not good either. It’s pretty forgettable.

The yuri factor is a 1/10. There is no yuri in this.

My final rating for Rec is a 2/10. It’s a terrible anime. The decent art and average voice acting can’t make up for the terrible story, failed humour or moronic characters.

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