Corpse Party: Missing Footage- Gotta change scenes fast

Corpse Party is a survival horror video game series Oddly enough, the first one was made with the RPG maker software and came out in 1996. The follow up titles didn’t start seeing release until over a decade later in 2008. Most of the games were developed by Team GrisGris, with 5pb joining them after the second released game. The series has had four manga and two OVA adaptations, both OVAs being handled by Asread. Let’s take a look at the first one, Corpse Party: Missing Footage, and hope it’s better than the other adaptation we’ve seen this month or at least as hilarious in its awfulness.


Our tale opens with a group of children being murdered by an androgynous figure with long, dark hair. You know, because building up to that kind of thing is over-rated. After a minute or two of that our scene shifts to a guy in the bath when his naked sister walks in on him and starts insisting on washing him. Which is, incidentally, the most horrific scene in the entire thing. After that we switch to a girl groping her friend in various ways while questioning her about a guy. Because that’s what girls do when they have sleepovers. They grope each other and talk about hunky boys. Actually, as someone who has been to a few girls’ slumber parties, I can confirm that only one of these is likely to happen and it’s not the one you might wish it was. After that the scene switches to two new characters talking on the phone about the upcoming culture festival. And then it switches to two different students talking about the same basic thing. And… that’s pretty much everything. So, the narrative goes from child murder into scenes of various characters we know nothing about talking about the culture festival and hunky boys.

Now, in all fairness this was bundled with a limited edition release of one of the spin-off games. So, it is very much intended for fans of the game series and not for people like me who are only vaguely aware that the games exist. However, there’s still the major underlying question of what purpose the thing actually serves. How exactly do these four snippets of mundane conversation that feature completely stilted dialogue add anything to the “happy” Corpse Party world of child murder? Now, the purpose is probably to give the audience a basic peek at the premise and introduce the characters. So, it’s basically an extended trailer. However, there is a major problem with it on that level and it comes down to one aspect…


Yes, the problem is with the characters. We only get a couple minutes with each pair of characters and what we get of them is so absurdly stilted and divorced from reality that the chance of connecting with any of them on any level approaches zero. You would almost think the characters had been written by someone who has never had any friends and lives as an isolated NEET but thinks they understand people because they’ve seen a lot of bad comedies.

These are the types of one-dimensional twits you would expect to see in a terrible comedic anime like Baka to Test rather than in a work of horror where you’re supposed to get invested in them and their survival. If anything, watching the OVA will just destroy your investment rather than enhance it. Unless, possibly, you’re rooting for the main cast to die horribly in which case the bath scene will almost certainly contribute to that.


The art is mostly decent, albeit kind of standard. The biggest issue, in this case, is with the gore in the first scene. It uses that ridiculous convention of having the blood spurt everywhere as though it was connected to a high pressure hose of some kind. Furthermore, it has nothing but blood even when an area gets stabbed where other fluids really should be coming out of the wound. Granted, medical accuracy would have made that segment a lot more disturbing and that would be terrible in a horror piece. Wait, what?


The voice acting is pretty average. They did get some good actors with impressive records like Sawashiro Miyuki and Nakamura Yuuichi but they really don’t give them much to work with. The music is also pretty standard. It’s not bad, but it’s not anything you’re liable to remember or even notice much.


The ho-yay factor is going to be a 4/10 for the non-consensual groping during the sleepover scene. Although the effect is diminished somewhat by the fact that the girl doing it never shuts up about guys while she’s doing it. Dating tip, don’t talk about other people during foreplay and always ask before you touch your partner there. With there being any part of their body.

Final Thoughts:

This OVA is just stupid. It’s made up of loosely connected scenes showing characters interacting in ways that just make it apparent that the writers don’t know how human beings work. The scariest scene is almost certainly not intended to be scary and the OVA as a whole just contributes nothing of value to anything. You might be interested in it if you’re a huge fan of the games. For anyone else at all, I can’t even suggest giving it the ten minutes of run-time it has. This isn’t terrible in a hilarious way like Galerians. It’s just terrible. 2/10. Next week, horror anime month ends with a look at Zombie Loan.

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