Reviews of yesteryear: Ojii-san no lamp

Ojii-san no Lamp is a short film about a boy who finds an antique lamp. His grandfather takes the opportunity to tell him the story about how he used to be a lamp seller. It goes from when he started as a child to when electricity made lamps obsolete. The story is really a drama about technological advancement and, while it is shown in a positive light overall, there’s also a degree of tragedy involved for those who are left behind by those advances. It’s an interesting look at history and you do feel for the lamp seller’s plight. My only issue with it is that the framing device of an old man telling a story to his grandson contributes very little. They could’ve started with a date and had it be almost as effective.

The characters in this have a great deal of verisimilitude. They feel and act like real people. They don’t get a great deal of development, since the whole thing isn’t even a half hour, but they are sympathetic and fairly realistic.

The art is the least impressive part of the film. I’m not saying that it’s bad, it’s good, it’s just not as strong as the other attributes. The backgrounds are nicely detailed but the characters look pretty plain.

The voice acting is well done. The cast is pretty small and they all do well. Particularly Kamiya Hiroshi and Shimizu Risa. The music is very much under-stated, but it works magnificently.

The yuri factor is a 1/10. This doesn’t have yuri.

My final rating is an 8/10. This is a really good short. The premise is simple but the execution is interesting and the characters are realistically done. If you have any interest in historical pieces, check it out.

This was a short review, primarily because the subject itself is so short. 

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