Kigurumikku V3: Little girls in bird suits

Kigurumikku V3 is an ONA from AIC. Yes, the same studio behind Bubblegum Crisis, Explorer Woman Ray, OreImo, Sasameki Koto, Battle Athletes and many more. The stuff of theirs I’ve seen has ranged in quality quite a bit, sometimes being really good, sometimes being dull and sometimes being terrible. So, where does this 2009 ONA land?


There isn’t really a story. The ONA has three episodes that are just meant to parody magical girl tropes. There are three girls with powers granted to them by equipping avian mascot characters as kigurumi, or full body animal costumes for those of you who don’t know that term. The three of them face a vague evil threat resulting in shenanigans. The episodes aren’t really in order and they skip details between them.

As a premise goes, it isn’t a bad one and it has comedic potential. It’s basically the same concept behind Galaxy Angel’s super sentai parody episode. But whereas the Galaxy Angel episode was really funny, clever and charming, Kigurumikku V3 is none of those things. There’s very little that actually parodies the tropes that are common to magical girl stuff. A lot of the “humour” is based on perverted things happening and over the top reactions to them. To be fair, most of the really risque jokes revolve around the older sister character instead of the elementary school kids, but it’s still pretty damn sleazy. In all honesty one or two of the actual genre parody jokes do kind of work but they’re pretty heavily outnumbered by the insipid bits.


There’s really not much to say about the characters in this. Chocotan had more fleshed out characters and it lasted all of ten minutes. Granted, this series isn’t that much  longer, running a bit over thirty minutes for its three episodes but that’s still thrice the running time with worse results. To be fair the kind of one-note cast of characters could work in a comedy if they actually meshed well for comedic purposes or if they were entertaining via quirkiness or some other factor. Kigurumikku, unfortunately, doesn’t have that going for it. It just has characters who are loud and kind of annoying. I’ve seen worse casts, but they’re pretty bad.


The art would be passable, if a bit mundane, if not for the focus on fan-service. Frankly, it’s a worse offender in that regard than Devil Hunter Yohko was. At least its main characters were older, albeit still too young for this shite.


The actors themselves are quite skilled, although you wouldn’t know it from their performances in this. They’re ridiculously over the top and don’t really have anything going for them. They aren’t terrible performances but they manage to be grating. The music is bland but not bad.


There’s really not much. There’s a bit where Azuki decides to check the other girls’ chests but it comes across more as nonsensical and vaguely creepy than it does as them having chemistry.

Final Thoughts:

Kigurumikku V3 is a vapid, unfunny and just plain stupid little series. You might like it if you’re into the whole idea that girly bits are inherently funny. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it but there are worse things out there. My final rating is a 3/10. Next week I’ll look at Mushishi.

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