Fu-Fu: Her Beloved Wife

Fu-fu is a manga serialised in Comic Yuri Hime S. It was written by Minamoto Hisanari, a man who also contributed to Kantai Collection & Di Gi Charat anthologies. I happened to stumble upon it and decided I’d review it for all of you.


Two young ladies, Sumi and Kinana, move in together in order to live as wives. The manga covers their daily lives as they enjoy their relationship and encounter other quirky lesbians, including Kina’s sister and the couple next door. This one s really light on the story. There’s a definite order to the events, but the chapters are mostly fluffy, cutesy romance with some comedic elements. Overall, both elements are pretty solid. The romance is largely really adorable and most of the humour does work well. There are some strong lines of dialogue as well. Just don’t expect anything beyond those two elements. I do appreciate that they subvert the abusive relationship comedic trope by having a girl who play hits her partner while making it clear that she doesn’t actually hurt her but I also think it gets over-used to the point where it loses its impact.


The series has pretty basic characters. They aren’t basic to the point of being archetypical but they aren’t incredibly complex either. In spite of that, the cast works well for what the series is doing and there are some strong interactions among the characters. Not just the romantic banter, either. There’s some good stuff between the siblings and with several other characters who aren’t romantically linked.


The art is mostly decent. I will say that Minamoto is really good at drawing animals. I will also give him credit for keeping things classy and not delving into fan-service. However, he is also pretty lazy at drawing backgrounds. A lot of the panels don’t bother having them or they’ll have something very basic. The manga also suffers a bit from characters who look really similar to each other, and not just the twins.


There’s a heavy emphasis on flirtation and the girls getting cuddly with one another. You know that they’re doing more than that beyond closed doors, but the most you ever actually see are some kisses.

Final Thoughts:

This manga is pretty good. It’s a quick, entertaining read with lots of cute moments and some really funny ones. If you’re looking for something light and fluffy, this may very well be the romance for you. I give it a 7/10.

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