Why review old anime?

Here’s a question some people always have when it comes to reviews of old series. What’s the point? After all, a series that’s two or even three decades old is pretty antediluvian at this point, so why bother watching, analysing and discussing it when I could be focusing my energies on the latest releases?

Well, for me this one primarily comes down to a simple factor. No matter how old or even obscure an anime is, there are going to be people who haven’t seen it and may be curious about it. In fact, I’ve gotten quite a few requests for anime that are a decade old or older. Plus, I like to draw attention to older series that may merit looking into. After all, newer does not equate to better. There are plenty of good old series out there and reading my reviews may make someone curious about a series they missed, even if the review was negative overall, I do encourage all of you who read these reviews to make those judgement calls for yourselves and it’s fine if you end up disagreeing with me. Or the opposite may be true. You may very well read about a series and decide that the premise or narrative don’t sound appealing even if I liked the series. In which case, glad I could save you some time.

There are other factors involved, I like to review series that are completed even if they’re set-up for a sequel. It gives me a full impression of what it’s doing and how well it’s doing it. Which is true even when a series is clearly leaving room for a sequel series. I may think the sequel improves or detracts, but I can still judge that first series. If I were to review an ongoing series I might find that the final stretch of that series ends up changing my perspective on it completely. It’s not common for an ending to be that bad or good, but it happens

What I’m curious about is why some people think I shouldn’t bother with older series? I think it’s really two factors. The first is the fascination we have with the things that are shiny and current. There’s a mentality that those works of entertainment that came before are over and done with and they’ve been exhausted, except for those works we’ve decided are the best and “everyone has to see.”

That brings me to the second reason I think this gets brought up. A lot of the older works people really remember are the ones they either really hated or really loved. My taste isn’t always representative of the popular opinion and some people would really prefer that I not stomp all over their nostalgia by frying their proverbial sacred cow. Oddly enough, people seem more accepting of you liking something they didn’t than hating something they liked. At least, that’s been my experience talking with my readers.

Feel free to leave a comment about whether or not you enjoy seeing reviews of old stuff. Remember, Gankutsuou review this Wednesday. That one’s a little over a decade old at this point. I’ve also got requests for Code Geass, Nanoha Vivid, Golgo 13, Stand Alone Complex series 2, Overlord, Gangsta, Kekkai Sensen, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, & Kannazuki no Miko. You can also feel free to leave a comment adding your own request to the queue. Although, it will probably be a while before I can get to it.

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