Q&A with Ktulu

Okay, here’s the deal. Miss Dana over at Crimson Daylight nominated me for the Liebster award ten days ago. If you aren’t familiar with her, she primarily posts book reviews. So, you can check her blog if you’re interested in that. I’m going to ignore the chain letter aspects of the Liebster award and just answer her questions and post eleven random facts. If you really want me to ask you a series of questions, or if you have questions for me, feel free to post a comment. Like the last time I did this, I’m going to give snarky answers followed by the actual, legitimate answers. Dana, I hope you aren’t offended by my cavalier attitude towards the Liebster award.

Question 1:

Favourite supernatural creature?

I’m going to say Reptoids because the mythos surrounding them is hilariously stupid.

In all seriousness, and I know this may seem cliché from someone who reviews anime, I like Kitsune. The whole concept of hyper intelligent fox spirits who can take on the illusion of humanity is really interesting to me.

Question 2:

Favourite characteristic about yourself?

My epic red beard. This thing goes down to my chest.

Honestly, this one is tough because I don’t really like to praise myself, but I would have to say either my intellect or my creativity. Those are the facets of myself that I would most admire in someone else and they’re also the aspects of my personality that I would absolutely not be myself without.

Question 3:

Least favourite characteristic about yourself?

My nose. It is really large.

If I’m being honest, the biggest thing I don’t like about myself is that I tend to fixate on things, particularly when they’re outside of my control, to the point where they plague my mind and it’s a real problem for me to let them go.

Question 4:

What’s the type of character (in books, films etc) that you absolutely cannot stand?

The generic love interest. Sitting there being all generic.

In all seriousness, as annoying as the generic love interest can be, I’d have to pick the Frank Miller style hero for this one. You know, the macho man who acts like a dick towards everyone, frequently in racist and misogynistic ways, (but it’s treated as okay because he’s always right), monologues to himself and just acts like an unpleasant, self-righteous arsehole.

Question 5:

Dogs or cats?

Whichever one is better with sauerkraut.

No, I would never eat a dog. In my opinion, dogs are much cuter, make better companions and I would vastly prefer them to cats.

Question 6:

How would you choose to spend a lazy day?

The same way I spend every day, Pinkie. Try and take over the world!

Honestly, I’d prefer to work on my writing but I’d probably also spend some time reading, watching anime and with my games.

Question 7:

The last thing you watched on TV?

People still use TVs to watch things?

You know what, I’m just going to count watching TV shows using the Internet. In which case, I watched some Doctor Who yesterday. To be specific, I watched a reconstruction of The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve. 

Question 8:

Favourite Harry Potter character?

The one from Hufflepuff.

Honestly, and I know that some people are going to get mad about this, I don’t care about Harry Potter. And I mean at all. Maybe I was too old for it when it came out and I’d just seen all the tropes it uses used before and better, but I never got into it.

Question 9:

How would you kill your arch enemy?

*shifty look* What are you a cop?

being completely seriousness, I would only kill someone to protect myself or someone else. Even then I’d probably try to severely wound if possible. So, the answer would be by accidentally hitting him too hard/hitting a vital area when trying to protect myself or someone else.

Question 10:

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Tim Curry films.

Honestly, I don’t have anything I like that I feel guilty over. Even when it’s a cheesy film starring Tim Curry or an IDW comic about cartoon ponies. Maybe I just lack shame or maybe I realise that there’s nothing wrong with liking something just because some people don’t or because I’m not part of its target audience.

Question 11:

The most embarrassing thing you’ve done (that you’re willing to share)?

I played Kingdom Hearts for a whole hour before I noticed how bad the story and characterisation were.

Actually, this is a tough one. I usually over-think things, so I don’t really do  a lot of things that end up being embarrassing. I guess I would have to say that it was the time, during my teenage years, that I miss-spoke and introduced my step-father as my father in law.

On to the eleven random facts about me (I can’t remember what I put down the last time I did this, so there may be some overlap):

  1. I have the Fourth Doctor’s scarf and sonic screwdriver.

2. I’ve spent more time on Fire Emblem Awakening than any other 3DS game

3. I sometimes act like I’ve prematurely gone senile to avoid dealing with annoying people.

4. I refer to grim and gritty stuff done well as Mooreish and grim and gritty stuff done badly as Milleresque.

5. During my University days, I once missed classes because I got caught up playing KOTOR and completely lost track of time.

6. I leave the spiders in my apartment alone.

7. Sometimes, I read bad fanfiction for the sole purpose of mocking it.

8. I’ll read a book a week.

9. I learned many moral lessons from Captain Picard.

10. I consider Vicki, from Will Hartnell’s run, the first great Doctor Who companion.

11. I sometimes buy clothing items to dress up my dog for pictures.

I guess that’s everything for today. Thank you, Dana, for the questions.

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