Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? The return of girls named after drinks.

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka was a really enjoyable slice of life series with fun characters and strong comedic moments. I think that we’re probably going to see a pretty comparable level of work with White Fox’s second series of it, but first, let’s briefly talk about the first series. Cocoa moved into a new area where she’s staying at the Rabbit House Café and using sister to describe Chino, the younger girl who runs Rabbit House. The two of them have friends from two competitors and a friend who works with them and the five of them engage in hijinks. There’s also a rabbit that houses the soul of Chino’s grandfather and talks…. because. So, let’s see if the second series provides new and improved hijinks for us.



Like the first series, there’s no over-arcing story here. Cocoa has been at Rabbit House with Chino and their other friends for a year. They play around, get their work done and shenanigans happen. The comedic value is largely derived from our major characters, their quirks and their interactions with one another. Taken as a whole, it works really well. The situations they find themselves in readily lend themselves to comedic possibilities and most of the jokes that you get are amusing. About the worst you can say about the comedy is that some of the jokes are kind of obvious and that does weaken their impact.


The cast in GochiUsa is still not the deepest or most complex. However, they are incredibly endearing and entertaining. They’re varied enough that they can play off of one another really strongly for comedic purposes and there are some really good non-comedic interactions too. This series does more with Megu & Maya than the first did. It also brings in Cocoa’s sister, which leads to some very funny moments and Aoyama’s editor. She barely appears but both the scenes that feature her are really hilarious.


The strongest aspect of the artwork is definitely the background details. White Fox does a superb job of making the buildings, plants and various other background objects detailed and vibrant. The characters look decent, but they’re also pretty standard for a moe style.


The performances in this are really well done. We’ve got Sakura Ayane, Minase Inori, Uchida Maaya, Taneda Risa, Sato Satomi, Hayami Saori, Tokui Sora, & Murakawa Rie in prominent roles and all of them give really strong performances. The music is also really well done.



This series builds on the first, including developing the relationship with Sharo and Rize which outright involves romantic feelings on Sharo’s part. Cocoa really has a thing about getting younger girls to call her sister and I remain convinced that she’s thinking of it in the shoujo-ai trope way. This series also gives us Mocha, Cocoa’s actual sister. Basically Mocha’s interactions with all of the girls save Cocoa read as a bit yuri. Chiya also gets involved in a fair bit of les-yay in this series. It’s all very cutesy and somewhat subdued because the series doesn’t want to go full canon with it, but it’s certainly there.

Final Thoughts:

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka series two is a thoroughly enjoyable series with endearing characters, strong comedic elements, and superb acting. If the moe type of slice of life series isn’t your thing, it’s not likely to change your mind but if you enjoy that type of series sometimes, you might want to give both series a watch. Which brings me to the final score. Overall, the second series builds off of the first and provides a somewhat improved experience. Which is what a good sequel should do. As such, my final rating is going to be a 9/10. Next week, I’ll talk about yet another sequel to a series I’ve reviewed with Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan series 2.

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