Q&A: The yuri factor and more

I’ve been getting some really good questions directed to me on MAL, so I thought I’d go over them and answer them for you guys. 

  1. I am just curious why you add yuri factor, etc. at the end of your reviews?

    Because, clearly, having ho-yay is the most important thing in any series. 

    In all honesty, this one goes back to my time on the Gamespot forums when I started to do these reviews as part of an anime union. At the time, I was also in a yuri fan club union with a bunch of the other people in that union. So, including the yuri factor was something I knew they’d like reading. As time went by and I parted ways with GS, I extended that to a more general ho-yay factor since there was no more reason to keep it limited and I didn’t want to get rid of it, because I was having fun doing it. 

  2. What are some of your favourite anime/manga?

    Obviously, Superbook. Ignore where I said it was one of the worst in another post. It tries to indoctrinate good little children and that’s a cause we can all gt behind.

    Answering this one honestly, I could be a dick and point to the anime I’ve given high reviews but, instead, I’ll name some manga and some anime that might not have gotten the highest scores, but that I have a fondness for. So, I’d have to say that I really love 20th Century Boys. I also really love the Sasameki Koto manga, moreso than the anime by virtue of it being complete.I also have a special fondness for basically everything written by Milk Morinaga. In terms of anime, I do have a special fondness for the Sailor Moon anime even if its series haven’t gotten the highest of ratings from me. 

  3. There’s quite a lot of people on this site who lash back maliciously when you don’t agree or make a disagreeable opinion. Have you met anyone as unreasonable?

    Not at all. No one is ever nasty on the Internet.

    On MAL, absolutely. Not on WordPress, but that could be that comments can be easily moderated and people who are inclined to be arseholes might consider it not worth their time since I could erase their long, angry rants. I probably wouldn’t unless they used slurs, but they probably don’t consider the risk worth their time and energy. The worst I’ve gotten have been angry Evangelion fans. I’ve spoken with some Eva fans who were perfectly nice too, but they have definitely been outnumbered by the people who were very angry that I didn’t say nice things about their super sacred and above reproach of any kind series. I also did encounter a couple furious Yu Yu Hakusho fans who seemed to think that a “7” was a terrible score for the series and I’ve been berated by angry One Piece fans. There have been a couple fans of various other series who were really unhappy with me too, but those are the ones who stand out. 

  4. Would you watch yaoi and yuri?

    Absolutely not because I hate romance. 

    I have done a few series, actually. And if any of you have any more requests for yaoi or yuri, put them in the comments. As long as they aren’t actual hentai, I don’t mind doing them at all. 

  5. Have you travelled outside of Germany before? If so, where?

    You mean, leave my basement and interact with people in the real world? Sounds horrifying. 

    I have, actually. Mostly countries that are nearby. I’ve been to The Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark & the Netherlands. They’re all countries with rich cultures and lovely people, mostly lovely people. 

  6. Ohh you write stories?

    No, but the AI in my PC does and posts them online. 

    I do, yes. My other WordPress site is all about stories and it gets updated twice a week. I’ll end the shameless self-promotion there, for now. 

  7. Anyway, any favourites for female seiyuus?

    I almost joked by putting some terrible English dub actresses, but I don’t want to even pretend to find them passable so I’ll just answer the question. I really love the work of Hayashibara Megumi. I would also say Itou Shizuka, Kawakami Tomoko, Paku Romi & Ogata Megumi. There are lots of other really skilled voice actresses, but those are the ones I would call favourites. 

  8. What about for male seiyuu?

    Sir Patrick Stewart has done some voice work on one of those really awful Seth Macfarlane comedies, right? 

    As much as I love Sir Patrick as an actor, I’ll stick to anime voice actors who weren’t in really egregious butcherings of Nausicaä. I would say Ishida Akira, Sakurai Takahiro, Koyasu Takehito,Morikawa Toshiyuki & Hayami Show. 

  9. By the way do you always watch your anime with the original language?

    No. I actually really like to find bad dubs and punish myself with them. 

    These days, yes. I used to try Deutsch or English dubs if I heard they were really good, but I stopped doing that because the people who were saying these were good were clearly had different standards of good acting than I do. I’ve never reviewed the non-Japanese dub because I’m sure most of you don’t want a long paragraph dedicated to my trashing the performances. Especially those of you who do watch and enjoy those.

    So, there you have some questions I got asked and the answers. I hope you liked it. Here’s a picture of a dog to close things:

    Jelly Baby

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