Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin

This feels like the end of an era. So far, every film festival week I’ve done has featured the Kara no Kyoukai franchise. But this is the last of the films, not including the 3D remake of the first film. I’m not going to review that one because 3D is a cheap gimmick and the first film was awful. So, unless they fixed all of the plot problems it’s really not worth bothering with it. That being said, let’s look at the eighth and final film in the franchise to see how it holds up. 



We open with Shiki stalking through a parking garage, chasing a bomber. It quickly cuts to a young lady who can see the future. She just so happens to encounter Mikiya and enlists his help in stopping a man from getting into an accident that will kill him. The story from there basically follows two main narrative paths, both about people with precognitive abilities.

The biggest flaw with the film is simply when it’s set. The bulk of it clearly takes place before the seventh film, which really weakens the tension since we know how things are going to basically play out. Aside from that, Mikiya’s scenes aren’t that interesting. He just spends the bulk of his time talking with the young lady. 

That being said, Shiki’s part of the story still manages to be compelling, in spite of you knowing how it’s going to end. The way they establish the different types of precognition is also quite interesting, albeit the execution could have been better. The action is quite strongly done as well. 


The cast varies a bit. The established characters, Shiki, Mikiya & Touko have a strong sense of personality. The main antagonist, Mitsuru, is kind of interesting, but could have been developed better. Shizune isn’t very interesting. They also add in young Mana. She’s the same type of character as Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon except with not as much going for her. KnK1.png


I have to give Ufotable full credit here. The artwork and animation are both strongly done with detailed backgrounds and some tense action sequences. Mirai Fukuin is easily on par with the best of the films in that department. 


This is another aspect where I have to give them credit. There are a lot of really good actors in this. Suzumura Kenichi, Sakamoto Maaya & Honda Takako make their triumphant returns. Ishida Akira makes his appearance as the antagonist and he’s quite brilliant at it. That being said, the people who are playing less interesting characters don’t give their best performances. To be fair, both Kanemoto Hisako & Iguchi Yuka are good actresses. This is just a case where the characters they’re playing don’t demand much from them. The music is nicely done. I can’t fault Kajiura Yuki’s work on that. 


There really isn’t any in this film. 

Final Thoughts:

Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin has some aspects that do weaken it. That being said, it’s a really solid film overall and there’s plenty in it that works really nicely. It isn’t the best in the franchise, but it’s worth watching. My final rating is going to be a solid 7/10. If you like the franchise just fine, consider checking it out. Tomorrow I’ll continue this year’s film festival week with Advent Children

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