Yet more on the upcoming plans

Okay, I’ve been talking for a while about doing non-anime reviews in December. So far, the things that have come up are the film Space Balls.  The western live action show Arrow. Which is ongoing so I’ll just look at one series for that one, if I do review it. The book, Hyperion. I also know someone who’s  been wanting to hear my thoughts on the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon for a long time. So, I may do a review of that one. 

Although I’m not guaranteeing any of them at this point and I am still taking suggestions for what you lot want to see reviewed. So, leave as many suggestions as you want or even leave a show of support for one of the suggestions I’ve already got. I will say I haven’t read Hyperion or seen Arrow. So, I’ll be going into those blind. I’ve actually watched Space Balls and that particular Spider-man cartoon before. Which is good, since I already have a good idea as to what I’ll say about both of them. 

As for the remaining November reviews, Sword Art Online II‘s review is going to be up this Wednesday and I still plan on watching JoJo Stardust Crusaders to end the month. After those two, the first review request I’ve got is Brain  Powerd, I  don’t  know why they miss-spelled “Powered” in the title. I’ll probably get to that s either the first or second review of December. The first request after that is Rurouni Kenshin. I probably won’t actually get to that this  year since it’s almost a hundred episodes long and I haven’t watched a single  one. I’ll probably get that up in February. March at the latest. I’ll fill the rest of December with reviews of series that have thirteen episodes or less so that I can get started on that. 

So, that’s where things are at this point. To close things off, here’s a picture of my boys. Because  you guys seem to like it when I  end these little updates with dog pictures. 


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