AD Police: Cheap in Every Sense

AD Police is connected to another OVA I’ve reviewed. Basically, it’s a prequel to Bubblegum Crisis that came out in the very early 90s when that OVA was nearing its end. Supposedly, it was intended to be longer but some legal problems between Artmic and Youmex resulted in it being cut short. But the big question for me is, is this OVA as strong as Bubblegum Crisis was?

AD Police.png


The titular AD Police are a force that specialises in dealing with boomers, and humans with enough cybernetic parts. The story follows three different cases of theirs. The first involves them trying to find proof that one of their own didn’t commit suicide by boomer, while being stalked by a sex boomer. The second involves a woman murdering prostitutes. The final one involves a cyborg fellow who can’t feel anything except his own tongue and is losing touch with his humanity. It doesn’t help that he’s being molested by a sex-crazed lady doctor.

You might have noticed a bit of a pattern there. This series has a weird, unhealthy fixation on sex, especially as it applies to women. In the first episode we have the crazed sex boomers and a lady who gets turned on by the sight of blood, which never comes up again even though she’s in the rest of the series. In the second episode our serial killer was driven mad because (minor spoiler ahead) her husband was cheating with prostitutes because he thought their normal vaginas were better than her cybernetic one. In the third, we have the lady scientist who likes to wear lingerie under her lab coat and jump the cyborg she’s in charge of. Do these guys just live in perpetual terror of the idea that a scantily clad woman is going to do terrible things to them? Because if that’s the case they should see an actual psychologist and work through their issues in a constructive fashion instead of airing them in a publicly released OVA for anyone to see. Otherwise some strange person might try psychoanalysing them based on their writing and they won’t actually improve.

The second major issue with the series is that there’s never any sense of investment in what’s happening. Not only do we know basically nothing of these characters, but the set ups largely boil down to some action sequences and fetish fuel. Take the first episode. We’re supposed to care about a dude who had, maybe two lines of dialogue and got killed because his life insurance might not be paid out. Hold on, let me try to find a single fuck to give… Nope, can’t find one. A non-character’s woes after they die doesn’t make you interested in what’s going to happen. It’s completely not compelling. There’s also a bit of an issue with the cyborgs in this world. Our final episode cyborg can’t feel anything but his tongue, but the second episode cyborg is over 70% cybernetic and can feel things fine from what we see. They couldn’t have given the battle cyborg a switch so that he could turn off his sensations in battle, but so that he would still get sensations outside of it, possibly curtailing the obvious scenario that happens with him? For that matter, we see from the same comparison that they have cybernetic genitalia. Why can’t he have a penis and just wear trousers? Is it solely so that the “sex scene” with the scientist rubbing herself against him doesn’t actually make the OVA a hentai?

About the only thing I can say in its favour is that it’s set in the same universe as Bubblegum Crisis. So, if you’ve seen that then you know some interesting aspects about the world. Even if this series doesn’t convey them.


I briefly touched on the characters being about as interesting as a blade of grass during my analysis on what’s wrong with the story. So, rather than repeat myself over much, let’s try comparing them to the ladies in Bubblegum Crisis and see where this series went wrong. In BC, we get character focused episodes that develop our main cast. We see what kinds of things they do when they aren’t fighting. We see them interact with one another and other people at length. In this series, we get very brief snippets, some of which are actually just sepia-toned still images. The interactions are likewise fairly flat. There’s the whole scene where the sex-crazed officer tries to hurl herself at Leon because… blood. We get a scene where she asks him why he rejected her and he just kind of shrugs. Dude, you can just tell her that you’re not into the blood play. It’s not like it even makes you weird. There’s not enough here to give you a substantial sense of character. Nothing to move them beyond generic. For that matter, the excuses behind why our antagonists go crazy are pretty poorly handled. Husband cheats? Well, that has to lead to madness. Don’t pretend that you’ve never gone berserk and murdered a bunch of people when your significant other was unfaithful. We’ve all been there.

AD Police1.png


If Bubblegum Crisis had an unhealthy fixation on fan-service, this series suffers from multiple neuroses about it. There are several action sequences that get interrupted for the sake of tacky bosom or bum shots. All three episodes feature women stripping out of their clothes for unnecessary, garish reasons. To make matters even worse, the character designs shift a bit from episode to episode. You know, on account of consistency being cumbersome. The series still manages to feature some decent action sequences and some nice details concerning the advanced technology.


The performances in this are pretty weak. Which I attribute to the script not giving the cast much to work with. I know that Furukawa Toshio, Wakamoto Norio & some others can act really well. They don’t in this, but I know they can. The music isn’t particularly good either. Which is a bit surprising since BC had such a fantastic soundtrack. Then again, BC also had a lot of other good aspects to it that this series lacks.


There really isn’t any. The closest we get to ho-yay is an inquiry about one character’s sexuality.

Final Thoughts:

So, that’s AD Police. If you want some mindless action and tawdry sexual content, you are in luck. This OVA was made for you. For everyone else, it fails pretty badly. The story telling is just bad. The characters are awful. The music and acting are weak. The levels of fan-service detract from the action and are just in poor taste. All in all, it’s terrible and I don’t care for it. My final rating is going to stand at a 2/10. Next week I’m looking at Mononoke.

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