December Bonus Review #3 Tiny Toons: Night Ghoulery

Night Ghoulery.png

I know what you’re all thinking. “Ktulu, you madman, isn’t this the complete wrong time of the year to review a Halloween special? Shouldn’t you be doing something winter holiday related instead?” Well, I felt like having a look at this one and maybe I’ll do one of those later. I wouldn’t want to be too predictable in what I review. 

Night Ghoulery was a slightly over forty five minute special back in ’95. The idea was basically to spoof a bunch of spoopy ideas and have a bit of a macabre even with the Tiny Toons cast. 


The special is organised into a bunch of different shorts. We’ve got a Tell Tale Heart parody with Plucky and Hampton. A Frankenstein parody with Elmyra & Dizzy. The between sequences poke fun at the Twilight Zone, as does one of the actual shorts. Buster & Plucky take on an old Abbot and Costello film. My favourite is probably the Night of the Living Dead parody with the Wacky land gang. It’s really bloody funny. 

The biggest downside to this whole thing may very well be that they try to do too much. There are little sketches here that really would have benefited from having some more time while there are some weaker ones like The Devil and Daniel Webfoot or Fuel that could have been cut out without losing much. Now, I’m not saying those particular bits are bad. They’re decent enough. I’m just saying there are much stronger premises for shorts in the special that could’ve benefited from a bit more time that the shorts that are merely all right could’ve been sacrificed for and it would’ve benefited the whole thing. I  would suggest that it might be because they wanted to include as many characters as possible, but Plucky is featured in a good four of the shorts while other characters only appear in the intro and outro. So, I don’t think they really factored in trying to include everyone. 

That being said, the parodies they have work pretty well. The worst you get are ones that are decent. The best you get are really funny. The writers of this were really good at making things a bit macabre without making them frightening or veering into territory that might be considered questionably child friendly. They do also make their parodies, even ones of older material that most children won’t have seen, enjoyable & zany even to those who aren’t familiar with the source material. So, good on them. 


If you’ve seen Tiny Toons, you know what to expect from the cast. If you haven’t, the cast is a bunch of zany animal characters in the same vein as Looney Tunes. The character used the most for the special is Plucky Duck. Probably because he tends to get used for a lot of comedic pratfalls and suffering. Which makes him valuable for slightly macabre horror parodies.

One thing I will give both this special and Tiny Toons in general, they’re very good at taking these kind of simple, zany characters and putting them in situations where they can really work off of each other well. 


The artwork for the special isn’t quite as colourful as the series proper usually is. It uses a lot of darker shades in a lot of the shorts in keeping with the horror aesthetic. There are some good sight gags throughout. The animation team manages to pretty successfully meld the visual aesthetic of the old horror works with the brighter, more fun aesthetic of Tiny Toons. It looks pretty nice. 


All the familiar voices are present. The ones you’ll hear the most of are Joe Alaskey & Tress MacNeille as Plucky & Babs respectively. Joe pretty much puts a different spin on the Plucky voice for every short he’s in. Including a very nice Shatner impression. Which leads to a bit where Hampton asks Plucky if he’s ever going to talk normally in the special. Just like in the show proper, Tress is pretty spot on with her Babs’ vocal parodies. The music is nicely done. They retooled the theme tune from the main series in a way that makes it different while also similar to the ordinary one. 

Final Thoughts:

Night Ghoulery is a pretty enjoyable little special. The parodies work well whether you’re familiar with the original works or not. There are plenty of funny moments. The voice acting is quite good. If you’re someone who enjoyed the Tiny Toons cartoon, you’ll definitely like this. For myself, I’ll give it a solid 7/10. 

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