Galaxy Angel 2: Don’t Eat the Chestnut

I’ve talked about Broccoli Entertainment’s Galaxy Angel series before. A long, long time ago. Seriously, it was a very early review and it was a great series. Like Broccoli’s other franchise I’ve reviewed, Di Gi Charat the anime was handled by Madhouse. Does this one live up to its predecessor? Let’s look and see.

Galaxy Angel21.png


Like the first series, this one has no real story. Each episode puts the Angel unit in a different bizarre situation, a lot of which use the lost technology to drive the shenanigans and some of which just rely on putting the characters into a situation and letting them be delightfully quirky.

The big issue with the series, like the first instalment, is that it has an inexplicably serious episode. Yeah, there’s an episode about Forte having a traumatic experience on the battlefield and her old enemy returns and she has to face her fears and go against it and the episode has, in total, one joke and it’s not a particularly funny one because it’s taking itself far too seriously. This is an anime that parodies game shows and sentai series, has an episode with the characters switching bodies and does a bunch of other crazy shit. A largely serious episode doesn’t fit. The gags in the Volcott reunion episode are kind of weak too. They’re pretty much built around seeing him bossed around by crones. But at least s has some.

Those halves aside, the comedy in this is is spectacular. It’s built on high energy, zany absurdity that’s excellently executed, with only those aforementioned exceptions that only make up… 12% of the series.


This isn’t a complex group of characters. They’re built on their quirks and on having very strong comedic interactions. Which, to be fair, is a perfectly acceptable route to go down in a comedy. And the characters are designed in such a way that you can put any of them in a scene together and get something funny out of it. You don’t need any specific permutations. It’s hard to even say whether some work better than others. So, the comedic chemistry is pretty spot on.


I’ll give Madhouse credit on the artwork front again. They have some excellent backgrounds, strong object designs and really good visual gags. The extended chase scene with Vanilla being a good example of that. If there’s anything worth being critical about, it’s that the comedic art style shifts might be considered excessive for some people. But they also suit the comedy type, so I can’t say I had any real issue with them.

GalaxyAngel2 1.jpg


Tamura Yukari, Yamaguchi Mayumi, Sawashiro Miyuki, Kanai Mika & Shintani Ryuouko get to show off their acting chops a bit more in this series. Yes, they were good in the last one too and all my praise about the surprising levels of nuance still holds true. But the body changing episode has the group of them swap mannerisms and basically imitate the speaking styles of the other characters, which they do fabulously. We can thanks Itou Masumi for the soundtrack. She also worked on music for Phantom & Shigofumi. And I’ll give her full credit, she is excellent at composing music that suits the atmosphere of a series. I quite like the theme tunes as well.


Again, there’s a bit. There are points where Ranpha seems to lose her general boy crazy mentality and be more into the other members of the Angel unit. But there’s not a lot of that.

Final Thoughts:

Galaxy Angel 2 is a bit of an improvement over the first series. It certainly suffers from some of the same problems, but its high points are better. If you like that variety of off the wall crazy comedy, I’d highly recommend it. If you like your comedy to be more subdued, dry, raunchy or referential it’s probably not for you. For myself, I really loved it. I had a god time watching it and was very entertained. As such, I give it a 9/10. Next week I’ll look at Melty Lancer.


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