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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan 2: Mirth gets bludgeoned

Overall, this has been a positive year so far. Lots of really strong series, nothing too bad. Obviously, that had to change at some point. Which is why we find ourselves looking at the follow up to Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, a terrible anime from Hal film maker about an angel who beats her love interest to death, brings him back to life and that’s basically the big joke that we kept getting. I’m not looking forward to this one, but let’s move in and see how many more gruesome domestic abuse scenes they can cram in and treat as humorous.

bokusatsu tenshi3.png


We pick up where the last series left off. Sakura is living with the angel sisters, Dokuro and Zakuro. He’s trying to live a normal life and get the attention of the girl he likes at his school but that’s consistently ruined by Dokuro torturing and murdering him, but it’s okay because she brings him back to life afterwards and that makes it funny because… people dying horribly and gruesomely is hilarious according to this series.

The humour is much the same kind of thing that the first series offered. We have gross out humour with the over the top gore effects and perverted humour that’s really used more as an excuse to show Dokuro and Zakuro in skimpy outfits than it is for actual comedic attempts. This is one of those series that seems to be based firmly on the idea that sex and violence sell and you don’t need any charm or clever witticisms. After all, even semi-clever jokes would have interfered with this OVA’s mission to route your blood flow away from the brain. The humour is also quite repetitive with Dokuro getting angry and mutilating or murdering Sakura with little or no provocation. It really shouldn’t be possible for a joke to get stale with less than an hour of content, but they manage. So, does this one have any legitimately funny moments at all? Personally, I thought that Corpse Party did the over the top violent humour much better and it wasn’t trying to be funny.


This cast of characters is pretty horrendous. I’ll give comedic series some leeway when it comes to character complexity since they really only need to play off of each other well for comedic purposes, but this cast doesn’t even have that much going for them. We get the same few unfunny pay-off reactions repeated.

bokusatsu tenshi1.png


The artwork is pretty lazy with fountains of blood gore effects, really basic character designs and minimal backgrounds. The most effort they put in is for the tacky fan-service scenes. Which shouldn’t be surprising after the first series.


Like the first series, the theme tune is easily the best aspect of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2. However, it is weakened a bit by being a pretty lazy remix of the first series’ theme tune. Rather like Toei did with Futari Wa Precure: Max Heart. The acting is either obnoxiously exaggerated or emotionless and dull, depending on which character is speaking. Which is a pity since there are some really good actresses here. Chiba Saeko, to give an example, voiced Nina in Code Geass, Azmaria in Chrno Ctrusade & Natsuki in Mai-Hime/Otome. She can give such strong performances. It just doesn’t happen here because there’s nothing to work with.


There are some “jokes” that imply that Zansu is romantically interested in Sakura. Aside from that, there’s really not any.

Final Thoughts:

This series is not good, at all. It’s crude, tacky and generally tasteless with the same basic jokes the first OVA had. So, if you’re a fan of the gross out/ fan-servicey humour, you might get a kick out of it otherwise, I would stay far away. For myself, I was not amused. I was quickly annoyed by the series and tired of its nonsense. I give Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2 a 2/10. Next week we’ll move away from sequels and talk about Charlotte.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan, or bludgeoning angel Dokuro-Chan, began as a light novel by Okayu Masaki. It was quickly adapted into a manga and then an anime from Hal Film Maker, known for their work with Aria, Princess Tutu and Uta Kata. I originally watched this series in Secondary school and I don’t remember much about it aside from the music being awesome. Let’s take a look at the series and see what else, if anything, it has going for it.

So, the setup is that a young student named Sakura is living with an angel, the titular Dokuro-chan. She came from the future to change the past surrounding him. How? By beating him to death with a spiky club and resurrecting him multiple times. Her plan is great. You can probably already tell that it’s not a serious show. So, what can you expect from the comedy? Most of it is either gross out humour, frequently involving gore over the top reaction humour or ecchi humour. The events themselves revel from having no connection to reality. Sakura’s classmates and teacher just accept everything that happens without much reaction or comment. You’d also expect Sakura to be terrified of Dokuro, given her tendency to violently murder him with little provocation, but he treats her like a childish friend who just needs to be gently corrected most of the time. I’d suggest that he should call the authorities and get a restraining order, but she is a supernatural menace. So, who should he call? Why Ktulu’s Supernatural Exterminators, of course. Our staff will use science and logic to prove within a .0005% probability that your supernatural menace doesn’t exist, thereby causing them to vanish in a puff of logic. Wendy says “I had a ghost living in my house. He was friendly enough, but he was kind of an annoying tool. So I called Ktulu’s Supernatural Exterminators. The representative who came to my house insulted everything from my intelligence to the décor, and when I called to complain they didn’t understand what I was talking about.” To clarify Wendy’s statement, we understood perfectly, we just didn’t care. “But she was done in less than ten minutes and now I don’t have that tool lurking around anymore.” That’s Ktulu’s Supernatural Exterminators. We promise efficient and effective removal of supernatural beings, but not good customer service. Our motto is “if you were smart, we wouldn’t have to deal with it for you.” Call today, we’re currently offering specials on sparkly vampires and green-haired kitsune stalkers. Now, back to Bokusatsu Tenshi. Another serious issue is the ending. They actually try to have a semi-serious, tense moment. Naturally, that doesn’t work in a series that’s already built up a very goofy aesthetic.

The characters in this are really lacking in dimension. You wouldn’t expect them to develop much given that the series only has eight fifteen minute episodes, but they don’t even come across as one-dimensional. It’s like Highschool of the Dead, the characters are so flat they would be lucky to have half a dimension to them. The characters don’t even play well off of each other for comedic purposes. Pretty much every joke has the same reaction from them. Dokuro gets violent, Sakura freaks out, their other classmates watch without reaction.

The art in this is pretty bad. Most of it is really undetailed. The only parts where they put in any effort are the gore effects and the occasional ecchi moment. And even then it’s not all the time. Most of the gore effects consist of large quantities of blood spurting everywhere and they’re pretty lazy.

The sound is the best part of the series. Mainly because of the opening, which has awesome music. The voice acting itself is largely either over the top or under-stated. The variation is pretty much based entirely on the character. Chiba Saeko, Takagi Reiko and Tobita Nobuo give exaggerated performances, everyone else gives really dull, emotionless ones.

The ho-yay factor is a 2/10. There’s one throwaway joke involving Sakura and Zansu. It isn’t remotely funny.

So, who would actually like this? If you’re a fan of violent gross out humour, this is certainly one for you. If you think exaggeration is tantamount to humour, you’ll probably like it. If neither of those statements applies to you, check out the music but stay away from the actual series. Final rating: 2/10. Next week I’ll look at Robotics;Notes.