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Reviews of Yesteryear: Hitsuji no Uta

Hitsuji no Uta is the story of two siblings who meet after being separated for a long time. The twist is that they have a genetic disease that gives them cravings for human blood. That’s a blood-borne disease waiting to happen. The story really focuses on Kazuna learning to live with his disease and about his family’s past with some help from his sister. The story is pretty interesting and full of suspense, but it does have one major annoyance. There are a lot of Flashbacks, A lot of which show an event that happened in the same episode, less than five minutes ago. What’s the point? Did Gisaburo Sugii really think that the audience would have such a terrible attention span that we won’t remember the important events that happened three and a half minutes ago? The over-reliance on flashbacks also destroys the pacing pretty thoroughly. 

The characters are pretty well developed. There’s a lot of subtle torment that motivates both Kazuna and Chizuna. The impact they have on the people who care about them is pretty pronounced as well. The only real problems are that the characterisation borders on overly-melodramatic at times and the relationship between Chizuna and Kazuna seems almost incestuous at moments. Ewww.

The art is terrible. The episodes came out in 2003 & 2004 and the art is only a little better than the Ninja Gaiden OVA. Maybe they had no budget whatsoever, but when your art is only a little better than an anime with terrible art that came out more than ten years ago there’s a problem.

The voice acting and music are the only truly spectacular elements to this OVA. The music is nice and atmospheric. Although the art destroys any sense of atmosphere that the music might have established. The voice acting is spectacular. It’s just what I’d expect from something with such great talents as Hayashibara Megumi and Seki Tomokazu in the main roles. 

There is no yuri in this. The female characters hardly even interact. It gets a yuri factor of 1/10.

My final rating is a 6/10. The story and characters have some faults, but it’s still pretty interesting and worth watching, if you can excuse the artwork.