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Five constructive ways to improve Doki Doki Precure & Kigurumikku

Okay, it’s time to try the final idea I had for weekend posts. Going into this, I couldn’t decide whether to do the list for something that I had given a high rating or something that I had given a low rating. Doing it for something good takes more work but the changes are also going to be less extreme. In the end, I decided to do one of each. For the good we’ve got Doki Doki Precure and for the bad we’ve got the series I reviewed this Wednesday, Kigurumikku V3.

A couple things to keep in mind. First, there are going to be spoilers. So be aware of that. Secondly these are things that I think would improve the series in question.  You may agree with my thoughts on it or you may think I’m off base or completely crazy. Which I’m not, I’m just eccentric. Either way, feel free to share your own ideas on the subject. Thirdly, these aren’t going to be in any particular order. With those details in mind, let’s begin with the bad series.

Kigurumikku V3: 

1. The fan-service. This series focuses far too much on bosoms and other feminine parts. Part of the problem is just that it’s in poor taste, especially given that most of the characters are really young. The other part of the problem is that it doesn’t really do anything from a comedic perspective. Women having bosoms isn’t funny. Women getting their clothes ripped and having their bosoms seen by strangers is also not funny. When you’ve got thirty minutes of content and you’re trying to be comedic you really can’t waste time on attempts at titillation.

2. The train scene. I didn’t really talk about this one specifically in my review, but there’s a scene where the older sister goes on the subway, gets groped by a pervert, rescued by one of the girls and told that she shouldn’t have dressed like that. First off, someone getting molested on a train isn’t funny. But what makes this scene particularly horrible is the whole victim blaming aspect. Not just because it’s bullshit, but because it’s been used on actual people who have suffered from terrible things being done to them. It would be one thing if this was a drama and they were actually using it to contribute to the conversation about victim blaming, but it’s a comedy and it’s not smart enough for that.

3. The performances. The series doesn’t have bad actresses. In fact, I think all of them have had roles in better light-hearted series. Koyama was in Gokujou Seitokai, which I’ll probably review at some point. Iguchi was in Girls und Panzer & Tomatsu was in Sakura Trick. The problem is that the direction in this series called for them to go loud and obnoxious. Subtle and dramatic performances wouldn’t have worked for what they were doing with the series, but there’s a happy middle ground between that and super exaggerated which they should have gone for.

4. The mascots. Yes, mascot characters are a part of most magical girl series. However, given how short this series is they really shouldn’t have had three mascot characters. You really only need one to make jokes about that particular trope.

5. The humour. They have a few genre jokes like having all the girls be instantly recognisable and actually having people recognise them unlike a lot of magical girl series where their identities should be obvious but no one seems to notice but most of them are more focused on the girls talking about boobs or the older sister getting stripped. Most of the jokes are rather tasteless perverted jokes. If they’d focused more on the parody aspect and less on that then they might just have made something funny.

Doki Doki Precure: 

1. The problem with carrots. Let’s talk about one of the bad episodes specifically. There’s an episode where we find out that Ai and Aguri hate carrots. Which you might not consider a big deal. Everyone has foods they don’t like so just let them eat some other vegetables. But no, this is played up as a big deal and they’re taken to a farm to learn about how much work brought those carrots to their plates. Which is bull crap since disliking one type of vegetable hardly constitutes being overly picky. In fact, that’s an easy way to fix it. Have the two of them be really unreasonable about not wanting to eat vegetables at all. Then you’ve got a situation where the other characters don’t come across as majorly over-reacting.

2. Aguri needs more development. When I reviewed this anime I talked about how Aguri is an under-developed character. This did not have to be the case. They could have taken time during those five weak episodes to focus more on her and develop her as a character beyond her liking sweets and scolding the other girls a lot.

3. Ai. The series actually does something interesting with Aguri and Regina being two parts of Princess Ange resulting from the selfish overtaking half her heart. Then it’s further revealed that Ai is a third aspect of Princess Ange and that’s why she needs to be there. Except that this plot element would be stronger without a third aspect. Not only that, but four of the five weak episodes focus on Ai and she’s just really annoying. As such, my solution would be to have Regina and Aguri as the split aspects of Princess Ange, give Cure Ace a regular non-ear splittingly obnoxious fairy to use for transforming and use those extra episodes for more character development.

4. The Fairy ticks. I know that it’s a staple of the precure franchise to give the mascot characters verbal ticks. However, I don’t think it’s a good element to them and I think the acting would have been stronger if the faeries had just spoken normally. At the very least they could have had some kind of different accent instead of saying parts of their names with every sentence.

5. Stock footage attacks. This is one that’s a staple for the genre and, again, the stock footage doesn’t look bad. I still think it would have benefited from taking more time to make the special attacks a more seamless part of combat and ignored the stock footage convention.

Kigurumikku V3: Little girls in bird suits

Kigurumikku V3 is an ONA from AIC. Yes, the same studio behind Bubblegum Crisis, Explorer Woman Ray, OreImo, Sasameki Koto, Battle Athletes and many more. The stuff of theirs I’ve seen has ranged in quality quite a bit, sometimes being really good, sometimes being dull and sometimes being terrible. So, where does this 2009 ONA land?


There isn’t really a story. The ONA has three episodes that are just meant to parody magical girl tropes. There are three girls with powers granted to them by equipping avian mascot characters as kigurumi, or full body animal costumes for those of you who don’t know that term. The three of them face a vague evil threat resulting in shenanigans. The episodes aren’t really in order and they skip details between them.

As a premise goes, it isn’t a bad one and it has comedic potential. It’s basically the same concept behind Galaxy Angel’s super sentai parody episode. But whereas the Galaxy Angel episode was really funny, clever and charming, Kigurumikku V3 is none of those things. There’s very little that actually parodies the tropes that are common to magical girl stuff. A lot of the “humour” is based on perverted things happening and over the top reactions to them. To be fair, most of the really risque jokes revolve around the older sister character instead of the elementary school kids, but it’s still pretty damn sleazy. In all honesty one or two of the actual genre parody jokes do kind of work but they’re pretty heavily outnumbered by the insipid bits.


There’s really not much to say about the characters in this. Chocotan had more fleshed out characters and it lasted all of ten minutes. Granted, this series isn’t that much  longer, running a bit over thirty minutes for its three episodes but that’s still thrice the running time with worse results. To be fair the kind of one-note cast of characters could work in a comedy if they actually meshed well for comedic purposes or if they were entertaining via quirkiness or some other factor. Kigurumikku, unfortunately, doesn’t have that going for it. It just has characters who are loud and kind of annoying. I’ve seen worse casts, but they’re pretty bad.


The art would be passable, if a bit mundane, if not for the focus on fan-service. Frankly, it’s a worse offender in that regard than Devil Hunter Yohko was. At least its main characters were older, albeit still too young for this shite.


The actors themselves are quite skilled, although you wouldn’t know it from their performances in this. They’re ridiculously over the top and don’t really have anything going for them. They aren’t terrible performances but they manage to be grating. The music is bland but not bad.


There’s really not much. There’s a bit where Azuki decides to check the other girls’ chests but it comes across more as nonsensical and vaguely creepy than it does as them having chemistry.

Final Thoughts:

Kigurumikku V3 is a vapid, unfunny and just plain stupid little series. You might like it if you’re into the whole idea that girly bits are inherently funny. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it but there are worse things out there. My final rating is a 3/10. Next week I’ll look at Mushishi.