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Yet more on the upcoming plans

Okay, I’ve been talking for a while about doing non-anime reviews in December. So far, the things that have come up are the film Space Balls.  The western live action show Arrow. Which is ongoing so I’ll just look at one series for that one, if I do review it. The book, Hyperion. I also know someone who’s  been wanting to hear my thoughts on the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon for a long time. So, I may do a review of that one. 

Although I’m not guaranteeing any of them at this point and I am still taking suggestions for what you lot want to see reviewed. So, leave as many suggestions as you want or even leave a show of support for one of the suggestions I’ve already got. I will say I haven’t read Hyperion or seen Arrow. So, I’ll be going into those blind. I’ve actually watched Space Balls and that particular Spider-man cartoon before. Which is good, since I already have a good idea as to what I’ll say about both of them. 

As for the remaining November reviews, Sword Art Online II‘s review is going to be up this Wednesday and I still plan on watching JoJo Stardust Crusaders to end the month. After those two, the first review request I’ve got is Brain  Powerd, I  don’t  know why they miss-spelled “Powered” in the title. I’ll probably get to that s either the first or second review of December. The first request after that is Rurouni Kenshin. I probably won’t actually get to that this  year since it’s almost a hundred episodes long and I haven’t watched a single  one. I’ll probably get that up in February. March at the latest. I’ll fill the rest of December with reviews of series that have thirteen episodes or less so that I can get started on that. 

So, that’s where things are at this point. To close things off, here’s a picture of my boys. Because  you guys seem to like it when I  end these little updates with dog pictures. 


Upcoming Plans: First Update

A while back I discussed my plan to review non-anime that you lot request in December. So far, I’ve had a request for Space Balls, which  is a film I can definitely get a hold of. So, I’ll probably write up that review early so it’ll be ready when the time comes.

I also do have a  tentative idea of what November’s reviews will look like. I’ll definitely review 91 Days, since I already promised it. Aside from that, I’ll definitely get up a Sket Dance review. I’ve been working on the series for a while since it got requested, but it was kind of long so I didn’t quite have it done at the start of October. I’ll probably also do Toradora. I’m about halfway through the series and don’t anticipate any problems finishing it. Sword Art Online II is the next request after thatI’m really not looking forward to that one given how horrendous the first series was. I’m keeping my mind open to the possibility that it could be an improvement, but I don’t see any way that the writer could take those characters and make them anything resembling compelling. It’s possible that he does but highly improbable. The last review of November is likely going to be JoJo no Kimyou na  Boukenn: Stardust Crusaders. That one I am kind of looking forward to since I did like the first series in all its absurd, cheesy splendour. 

So, that’s what we’re roughly looking at for November and for the non-anime reviews of December.  Just keep those requests coming. I’ll do another one of these in a while to let you know where we are.Until then, here’s a picture of a little dog dressed as Wondy. 

Wonder Dog.jpg

Announcement: Plans for December

Hey, Everybody. I just thought I’d take a moment to address my plans for the next couple months. To be specific, I want to talk about December.

Traditionally, I haven’t done anything special for December. For one thing, there aren’t many anime that are about the winter holidays. For another thing, October is horror anime month & January’s reviews always follow some random theme that I want to do whether it’s Hayashibara Megumi month, yuri month, Studio Ghibli month or Magical Girl month. If I gave December some theme or other, I wouldn’t be working on actual requested reviews for three months in close proximity.

If I’m being honest, though, I have always wanted to do something for you guys in December. I’ve always wanted to do something to show my appreciation for all of you who read my reviews, make requests &  leave comments. But  I could never think of anything besides leaving you all a sincere holiday message and doing as many requests in December as I could. Trouble is, I usually do a lot of requests. So, it comes off as business as usual.

That brings me to this year. I was hit by some inspiration and that’s why this December will feature reviews every Sunday. Not only that, but Sunday’s reviews won’t be covering anime. They’ll be over pretty much whatever you guys want me to review. Live action films, Hollywood animated films, live action TV series, cartoons, comics, graphic novels, books, games & musicals. All those forms of  media I don’t  normally talk about. The one exception is that I’m still not reviewing porn. Just because the whole idea of porn is to titillate the audience and I doubt most of you reading this want to hear about what does that for me.

So, just request anything you’d like to see reviewed. I’m going to actually encourage you to list as many things as you’d like and to not worry about whether or not you’re repeating something that’s been brought up before. The reason being that I might not be able  to find some of this stuff and a longer list increases the likelihood that I will be able to review something you’d like to see me look at. Plus, if a bunch of you all want to see reviews of Space Balls, Doctor Who, Good Omens, X-men Evolution, Secret Six, Sunday in the Park with George  or whatever, that kind of tells me what I should prioritise.

So, between now and December I’ll be posting the things  that have been suggested every two weeks so that you can comment on what you think of me doing them. I’ll also be posting how many people have requested them. It’s just going  to be a way for me to keep all of you updated on how it’s going. If you guys really have a lot of requests, I might even do two extra reviews a week. Yeah, it’s going to be difficult, but this is to show my appreciation and gratitude to all of you. If  I can convey how much your support, readership, comments and everything mean to me by doing extra reviews one month a year, it’ll be worth it.

So, leave those review requests in the comments. You can also send it to my e-mail, it’s up in my “About Ktulu” page. Those of you from AFT can leave requests in the usual place.That’s it for the moment, I’ll leave you all with a picture of a dog in a kimono.


Reviews of Yesteryear: Perfect Blue

I’ve done a lot of reviews for horror anime recently, but Perfect Blue has one major factor that sets it apart from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, 3×3 Eyes and Mermaid’s Scar. This was actually done the first October I was doing reviews before I’d started calling it “horror anime month.” It’s actually scary. The other three weren’t bad, two of them were even good, but they focused more on action sequences than building up suspense and horror. In their case the horror label was more of a tag saying “includes monsters” than an actual genre statement.

I can’t give away too much of the plot without going into spoilers, but the basic setup is that a pop singer named Mima Kirigoe decides to transition into acting and give up her singing career. While working on a television drama she takes several risque steps to strengthen her image as an actress, but things around her start going wrong. People start getting injured and dying and the centre of the action seems to be her. The main focus is on Mima, who begins to go through increasing psychological trauma as a result of the events around her. To make the situation worse, she finds a website that portrays her life in a frighteningly accurate way. There are two major reasons the horror in this film works. The first is that it’s very psychological. It forces you into the mindset of the protagonist and doing so enables it to get increasingly jumbled and challenging. The result is that it leaves the viewer confused and uncertain of what to expect. The second reason that it works is because it’s realistic. You don’t get a visual of clearly fictitious monsters fighting heroes. Instead you get an antagonist who’s very human performing deeds that could easily happen in reality, and have to an extent. 

The characters are like everyday people. All of them seem very real and this really helps the tone and maintains the realism. This actually makes the ending pretty spectacular since, when you finally know what’s happening, it all makes perfect sense and seems even more like something that could happen. 

The art is a little dated but it has a superb atmosphere. The characters, background and so on all create a perfect atmosphere for the story. They present some very frightening imagery as well. There’s even one scene that’s so well drawn that, due to the content of the scene, it’s hard to watch. Now that takes skill. 

The voice work is spectacular as well. The dialogue is all delivered in a very natural way and it just makes the atmosphere that much better. Iwao Junko is brilliant in the role of Mima and all the secondary voice actors play their parts very well too.

The yuri factor is a 1/10. There’s no yuri. Which is really for the best since any romance would be out of place. 

My final rating for Perfect Blue is a perfect 10/10. This is a spectacular movie. All the elements coalesce to create a whole that’s awe-inspiring, creepy and yes, even frightening. If you’re a fan of horror movies it’s a must see.