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Five third party characters who won’t be in Smash, but would be awesome in it.

Recently Nintendo announced that they would be taking ballots for a new DLC character. Even more recently, they stated that they would be okay with any nominations whatsoever. Third party or otherwise. As such, I’ve compiled a list of five third party characters who I would love to see make it into Smash, but who stand virtually no chance of doing so. The list isn’t going to be in any particular order. For each character I’ll describe what a trailer for them might look like, talk about why I think they’d be an awesome addition and why they almost certainly won’t make it.


Link, Samus, Mario and Pikachu make their way across a grassy meadow. A draconic shadow flits over them. Pikachu sees it and looks up, shocked and cries out in warning. The shadow grows larger and the group turns to face it. Bleu swoops into Battle. 

Yes, the first choice is Bleu from Shining Force. A little dragon who walks like a person. He could use a wide variety of breath attacks and his final smash could be him upgrading to his great dragon form and hurling lightning on everything. A character like Bleu would be awesome because you’d be playing as a freaking dragon and, unlike Ridley, he’s not such a massive dragon that the size scale would be an issue. Plus he’s just a great character who has to grow up quickly under harsh conditions and transforms into a character of great strength, and not just in terms of physical power.

Why he almost certainly won’t be in Smash:

Let’s face it, Shining Force probably isn’t going to have a character appear in Smash. It may very well be a cult classic, but it’s not as well known in that regard as Earthbound. Even assuming that the fanbase got together to pull for a character from the franchise, the likely candidates would be Max, Narsha, Bowie or one of the other major characters. Not one of the many awesome side characters like Zylo, Mae, Tao, or Bleu.


A solitary raven sits on a stump. The animal crossing villager creeps up on it, net in hands. It looks at him but appears unafraid. The villager stands poised to capture it, but is interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. He looks back and a burst of lightning sends him flying. The raven moves onto the shoulder of the woman who zapped the villager. Alisia joins the battle. 

Alisia from the classic Mega Drive title, Alisia Dragoon. Not only would she be cool to play as on account of her lightning powers, but she has four diverse animal companions who could be used to great effect for her special attacks. All in all, a great character with a great range of abilities.

Why she almost certainly won’t be in Smash:

It’s simple enough, Alisia Dragoon was not one of the Mega Drive’s great successes. It received critical acclaim, but didn’t enjoy good sales. In fact, I’m betting most of you are only vaguely familiar with it if even that. As such, the game never got a sequel nor has it been remade or even released on the Virtual Console. It’s too far outside of popular consciousness for Alisia to stand much chance of appearing in any modern game, especially one like Smash. 


Sonic races across the open plains, past several other smash competitors. He glances to the side for a moment and slams right into a speed bump, tumbling to the ground. Bowser and Ganondorf advance towards him. Things look grim when a massive boomerang flies through the air and slams into them. We follow it as it moves backwards, towards a red-haired girl with goggles atop her head. She smiles and catches it. Aika enters the fray. 

Aika, from the classic Skies of Arcadia would make a great entry into the Smash roster. Even if you put aside the fact that she’s a great character she’s got a great design and has a lot of abilities that would be interesting to see in something like Smash. Seriously, how awesome would it be to have a sky pirate with a giant boomerang weapon and fiery special attacks?

Why she probably won’t make it:

Skies of Arcadia is another title I don’t anticipate seeing characters from in Smash. While it was fairly popular, both on the Dreamcast and when it was remade for the Gamecube, it’s been quite a while since it came out and I don’t think the fanbase is going to rally around it for something like this. Even if they did I’d anticipate seeing Vyse over Aika.


Bowser enters his castle, his servants are in a bustle, ignoring him completely. Annoyance is apparent on his face. He follows a koopa who delivers a drink to a figure underneath a parasol sitting on his throne. He looks up, baring his claws. His rage is replaced by surprise and a surge of flames slams into him. We finally get a glimpse of the smirking face beneath the parasol. Debora Briscoletti joins the battle. 

I’m sure a lot of you think I’m crazy for this one. After all, out of all the characters in the Dragon Quest franchise why would I pick Deborah? Because she’s awesome! I’m not exaggerating when I say that V is my favourite Dragon Quest title and Deborah is my favourite character in the franchise. She’s delightfully snarky and I personally adore most of her dialogue. As a character in Smash she would offer a highly physical play style with some strong ranged attacks.

Why she almost certainly won’t make it:

Honestly, I think Dragon Quest VIII is the most likely to get a character into Smash simply because it was a highly acclaimed release worldwide Even assuming that Dragon Quest V was the big choice, I’d anticipate The Hero or Bianca being the ones to get votes. Personally, I can’t stand Bianca and find her incessantly annoying, but she is the popular choice which is why I highly doubt that Deborah would stand a chance.


Peach and Zelda stand back to back, the menacing figures of Bowser and Ganondorf advancing on them. A cry rings out and the to villains turn their heads, a yo-yo hits Ganondorf in the face. Bowser lunges at their unseen assailant, a blur is seen and he too collapses. Peach and Zelda look down at their rescuer who grabs each of them by the hand and gazes into their eyes with hearts appearing in hers. In her quest for a wifey, Red has entered the battle. 

After playing the Vita remakes of Neptunia 1 & 2, Red has become one of my favourite video game characters of all time. She’s just so incessantly endearing that virtually every time she gets a line it’s something amazing. I would dearly love to see the young yuri girl appear in more games, including Smash.

Why she almost certainly won’t make it:

Yeah, the Neptunia franchise is pretty big. However, Red only appears in two titles in it and she’s a secondary character. If anyone from the franchise stands a chance at getting into Smash, I’d bet on Neptune herself. Possibly Blanc since she represents the Nintendo analog. As awesome as Red is, I’m not counting on her joining the Smash roster ever.

So, there’s my list of third party characters who I’d love to see in Smash, but who almost certainly won’t ever be. Feel free to leave a comment with who you’d like to see, whether you think they stand a chance or not, or just to tell me I’m crazy. Or you could leave a comment agreeing with me on one of these, we can be crazy together. I’m putting in a poll as well to gauge whether or not you’d like to see me do more posts like this in addition to the weekly reviews. So, be sure to vote on that.